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1-on-1 Email Notifications


Email notifications are not customizable, with the exception of any text you add to the the "About this Cycle" section of your cycle set up page. If you add text to this section and check the box specifying that it should be added to emails, that text will get pulled into the body of the emails. The below examples only display the text that is automatically included in every email.

Your 1-on-1 is Now Open

Both employees and managers receive an email notification when their 1-on-1 is open (available to fill out). 

Employee Email Invitation to 1-on-1 - ZANE

The email notification sent to managers includes every 1-on-1 with their direct reports that is open: 
Caroline 1-on-1s open Malorie Brittany-1

Reminder to Share your 1-on-1

As the deadline to share the 1-on-1 approaches, users who have not yet completed their 1-on-1 will receive an email notification reminding them to share their 1-on-1.

Deadline to Share

1-on-1 has been Shared with you

Managers and employees both receive an email notification when the person they are having a 1-on-1 with shares their responses, unless you have specified that managers submit their 1-on-1s for approval to Admins/ their upline, in which case employees will NOT receive an email when their facilitator shares the 1-on-1. 

Malorie has shared email to Caroline

1-on-1 has been Submitted for Approval

If the Facilitator must submit for Approval setting has been enabled for the cycle, all Admin users will receive the below email notification when any manager submits their 1-on-1 responses for approval. If you have specified that upline managers can approve 1-on-1s in addition to Admin users, the direct manager of the manager who is submitting their responses for approval will receive this as well. 

Manager submitted for approval 1-on-1


Your 1-on-1 Responses have been Approved

If the Facilitator must submit for Approval setting has been enabled for the cycle, managers will receive the below notification when an Admin user (or their upline manager) has approved their 1-on-1 responses. 
Your 1-on-1 answers have been approved

Reminder to Finalize your 1-on-1

Both employees and managers will receive an email notification to remind them to finalize their 1-on-1: 


User-initiated: Someone has started a 1-on-1 with you

If your organization has enabled user-initiated 1-on-1s, users will receive email notifications when someone has started a 1-on-1 with them. 

User initiated 1-on-1 for Caroilne from Lindsay


Administrators can nudge users  at any point during the 1-on-1 process (that is, either to share their responses or to finalize their 1-on-1). Nudging a user triggers an email notification to send:

1-on-1 nudge